Thursday, July 8

Current Events

Very close Bush family friend Ken Lay indicted over Enron fraud. For everyone who got angry all over again when a Snohomish County utility released transcripts of Enron traders joking about ripping off consumers, it's good news indeed.

WA Senator Patty Murray spoke recently to the Washington Council on International Trade about the importance of workforce education and training, making the sensible point that it's cheaper to teach people basic skills when they're young.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi urges the Bush administration to restore Small Business Administration funding. For more information on House Democrats' plans for stimulating economic growth and improving the job picture, visit the In Focus: Jobs & Money section at their website, where they discuss outsourcing, training, health coverage, wages, and much more.

Schools in Seattle have promised to test extensively for lead, after parents' expressed anger over recently released 1992 findings that there were unacceptable levels of lead in many school drinking fountains.

WA Secretary of State Sam Reed takes steps to require paper audit trails for electronic voting by 2006.

Abortion moves up on the agenda for the 8th Congressional District race.

Washington and Oregon will sue the Department of Energy over nuclear contamination from Hanford.

Finally, just because it's interesting, the success of early humans was likely due to the advent of grandparents.


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