Monday, July 12

Web Roundup

Over at Atrios, Athenae notes that Ron Reagan Jr. will speak at the convention, and below that talks about how very little the Republicans have accomplished considering that they've got the governance to themselves.

Daily Kos: Are you outrage fatigued yet? In case you aren't, there's a lot of buzz on the recent government inquiries about what would be necessary to postpone the election.

Ampersand talks about the difference between immoral and illegal. He also finds a link noting that a 73% of Republicans believe that reproductive decisions should be left up to women and their doctors even though 61% of respondents said that they wouldn't personally want an abortion.

Kevin Drum on serious conservatives.

Nathan Newman talks about an important blow against frivolous corporate lawsuits, the SEIU endorsement of gay marriage, how Kerry could make inroads with hunters, and the alarming percentage of newly created jobs that are only temporary employment.


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