Sunday, August 1

Convention Lag

Hello, King County Democrats. I didn't end up writing as much about the convention as I thought I'd get a chance to. But I did wind up with a fair number of notes, as well as interviews with our delegation. It takes a good bit longer to write about information than to gather it, and you never know when you'll have a chance to gather that much information again.

So, having missed a week's worth of a math class which is holding the final this coming Wednesday, I thought I'd ask your forbearance in sharing everything over the blog. Starting Thursday, I'll be posting from short Q&As with Congressmen Baird, Dicks, Inslee, and Smith. There are a couple good interviews with members of the state Hispanic caucus, and I'm planning on doing more followups with members of some of the other caucuses in our delegation. Convention delegates are generally community activists, so if you want to know what people are working on in the grassroots of the party, they're the ones to talk to.

Also, Congressmen Inslee and Smith both spoke at panels dedicated to technological issues, and I'm really looking forward to writing about the sessions. Congressman Inslee has been involved with the Apollo Energy Alliance for some time now, a group whose intention is to get our country started on a path towards energy independence within 10 years. Senator Cantwell also spoke at the Apollo event, and I'll be sharing her remarks as well. The panelists expected a full commitment to energy independence to yield around 3 million new jobs, in both research and manufacturing. Congressman Smith spoke at a Democratic Technologists' forum entitled 'Technology, Politics, and Economy.' The forum, many of whose attendees were from major software and cutting edge science industries, advanced the point of view that Democratic policies were more beneficial to the technology sector.

In a state like ours, without conventional energy resources and with a sizable technical and manufacturing workforce, reaching out to these sectors is crucial to bringing jobs and money into our state. Our policymakers get it.

Overall, it was a wonderful convention. It was great to be among so many proud Democrats, to get to hear their stories, and see their determination. The only apathetic people there were among the media, and I guess we're all used to that. The important thing is that 5,000 delegates and 15,000 guests are settling back in all across the country, reinvigorated for the fight ahead, and determined to take responsibility for the course of their country in their own hands.

And now, if you'll pardon me for a couple days, I have to take responsibility for the course of my trigonometry class.


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