Thursday, August 5

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Atrios: This one deserves an entire post of it's own. North Korea now has 12 Russian submarines, missile launch capabilities intact, courtesy of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. When it comes to Moon, most people vaguely remember something about a cult that held group weddings. But Moon has been busy acquiring businesses in America, including ownership of the Washington Times, getting crowned twice with attendant congressmen in a Senate office building (I did not, could not, make that up), hanging around with the Bush administration, and apparently getting friendly with Kim Jong Il. Noted for anti-semitism, homophobia, ardent support for conservative causes, and the belief that he's the "True Father" of mankind, Moon announced not too long ago that he would be leaving the U.S. for good. How about an all expenses paid trip to Guantanamo Bay, pal?

Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing reviews 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised', a new book by Joe Trippi about political organizing via the internet.

DailyKos: The rundown of Donna Brazille's excellent performance on Crossfire Wednesday where she gave the best answer ever to the question of Kerry's Senate accomplishments.

Body and Soul: How bad Abu Ghraib got and who was involved (some links in the posts on Abu Ghraib contain graphic descriptions of abuse), Bush's crusade for votes, and the increasing disappearance of Iraq war coverage.

The Seattle PI runs several articles on Wednesday's decision by the King County Superior Court to rule gay marriage constitutional. The articles cover public reaction, how the gubernatorial candidates come down on the issue, and what the judge had to say.

The PI also covers gubernatorial candidate Ron Sims' state tax overhaul proposal, which would be a radical departure from the current system. The plan would remove the highly unpopular Business & Operations tax as well as the state portion of the sales tax, and replace them with a steeply graduated income tax. The plan does not include any type of general business tax, and Sims says the plan would lower taxes for 80% of state residents.

Guardian: Concern grows that oil prices could derail the world economy. Sidney Blumenthal talks about Bush's empty policies. Fellow Coalition of the Willing partner Italy provides a cautionary tale for America as its debt skyrockets.

The Navy Times discusses the ongoing problems with military absentee voting.


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