Tuesday, November 9

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MyDD: Real conservative values, as practiced, not preached. Why it's more important to reach the rural vote than the southern vote. How the House Republicans waged war and the House Democrats, not so much.

Also from MyDD, to create a better party, first fire all the consultants. Anyone remember what a good communicator Wesley Clark was before the brainwashing team consultants got hold of him?

Sisyphus shares some demographics to think about, and reminds Democrats that it's time to fight, anyway. A Democrat she quotes who thinks it's time to give up? One of the strategists involved with the Clark campaign, possibly the very guy who turned Clark from dynamic general to mealy-mouthed campaigner.

The Village Voice on the anti-choice agenda, courtesy of First Draft.

Digby talks about a below the radar effort to recruit Republicans on the job, and he finds the review I wish I'd written of Andrew Sullivan's bizarre behavior when he showed up on Real Time with Bill Maher last Friday. I watched the appearance, and found it curious that Sullivan talked about the electoral college having been instituted for the sake of the 'middle of the country'. But at the time of the founding of the republic, the middle of the country was somewhere around Pennsylvania.

What Steve Gilliard really thinks. Chris Bowers responds.

DailyKos: The backdoor draft is now catching people who already completed their inactive duty. Iraq is just a mess, and people expect that we'll be able to recruit thousands of Iraqis to work for police and army duty, which has become synonymous with painting a target on your back before leaving the house. A little bit of election hype debunked, and a few more bogus lessons of the election. Why Democrats should stop playing nice, aside from the fact that we're the only side to whom anyone would seriously make an appeal for 'peace, love, and understanding.' Why supporter email lists shouldn't be treated like a cash machine, but rather, an information distribution medium. The politics of crying vote fraud, and necessary voting system reform, something that Democrats should get motivated to work hard at for the next four years.

Finally, consider the possibility that Seattle may be under water by the end of the century if global warming causes sea level to rise by a meter.


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