Tuesday, November 2

Vote Today, Bring Friends

Go vote, and when you do, bring someone with you. Take a family member, a friend, a co-worker, that cynic you know who's registered but doesn't think their vote counts, bring them all.

Today is expected to be a record turnout election, and you may have to stand in line at the polling place. Bring rain gear, and a snack or chair if you think you might need them. A roll of garbage bags can act as emergency rain ponchos for anyone standing in line with you who forgot their own rain gear.

Absentee ballots must be postmarked today (be sure there's still a pickup time left at any mailbox you use), or they can be turned in at a polling place.

Finally, be glad you don't live in Ohio, where Republicans will have thousands of challengers at the polls slowing up the voting lines even more. Orcinus notes that 45% of the electorate doesn't believe Bush really won in 2000, a number that's unchanged over the last four years, and if you read farther down, you'll find the list of Republican attempts to make sure it goes the same way again.

So remember: Today, we aren't consumers, we're citizens. Let's step out and blow some minds.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First let me tell you, at the risk of you not reading or considering my thoughts, I believe that it's about time both sides stop stop being vicious toward each other. Both parties are bashing and accusing the other of lieing, cheating and contolling the voters. I would be willing to bet that it continues and even gets worse, depending on who is elected president. Reporters are not reporting the news anymore it's all strictly opinions. You just won't admit it. Why don't you consider reporting the facts and let the voters make their own decision? Or don't you think they're smart enough? Thanks, from a conservative in California.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conservative in California, while your points are valid, why exactly are you scolding an opinion weblog written by and for the Democrats of King County, Washington?

See, I hate being divisive, but your comments underly the main issue I have with conservatives. The majority of you seem to be unable to differentiate between opinion and news reporting. I suppose we can thank Rupert Murdoch for that.

1:28 AM  
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