Thursday, October 21


We're down to the final days of the election, and there's plenty to do in Washington State. Showing up is key, and even with record state turnout predicted, it's important to make sure that no Democrat gets the idea that they can sit this one out because some poll says that Washington is in the bag. We have a Senator to support, some chances to affect the balance of the House, and great pick for Governor, and some fine down-ticket candidates that need every vote they can get.

If you have the werewithal, considering donating via one of the links on the sidebar. I strongly recommend the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) as a group that can effectively spend money where it's needed the most. However, other types of contributions can be just as decisive.

If you have very little time in the coming two weeks, at least remind friends and acquaintances to vote. Try to get at least one person to the polls who might not otherwise have gone.

If you can squeeze in a good few hours, or maybe even a weekend, Democracy for Washington has some ideas:

Get on the bus for Don Barbieri!

We need 12 seats to win a majority in the U.S. House. We need Don Barbieri to be one of them! Democracy for Washington invites you to join us, Congressman Jay Inslee, and Congressman Jim McDermott as we bus to Spokane next Saturday and Sunday, the 23rd and 24th!

We will meet Jim McDermott at 8:00am at Jay Inslee’s campaign HQ to kick off our trip to Spokane. We will volunteer with the Barbieri campaign Saturday afternoon and have some fun in the evening. We will volunteer again on Sunday morning, before coming home Sunday evening. This is a very close race, and they need all the help we can bring!


The Inslee campaign has taken care of transportation, food and housing – you bring yourself, your dedication and comfy shoes!

Meet at Inslee campaign HQ at 15021 Aurora Avenue No., in Shoreline to catch the bus.

Democracy for Washington is committed to helping Don Barbieri win this seat and ensure George Nethercutt is not replaced with another right wing radical! We need Don Barbieri to put this seat back in Democratic hands! If you live in a safe Legislative District, GET ON THE BUS FOR BARBIERI!

Teachers in the 24th District: Help Kevin Van De Wege!

Kevin Van De Wege is a great young candidate in the 24th district. Next Saturday, the 23rd of October, teachers will be doorbelling all over the district to help him out. He is running against a very conservative opponent, and needs our help! If you can’t join the bus to Spokane, consider helping Kevin on Saturday. E-mail or call (360) 477-0548 to volunteer!

Volunteer for the coordinated campaign – help on Election Day!

If you haven’t already signed up to work on Election Day, you can call:

1-866-ELECTJK (353-2855)

You can also visit Volunteer today!


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