Saturday, October 9

Bush Whoppers and Other Travesties

In case anyone was wondering, Bush does have part ownership of a timber company. As the previous link notes, MSNBC caught it. CNN's fact check hits a number of other Bush mishaps, but misses the timber company point, the sort of 'easy and fun' thing most the media was all over Gore for in 2000. FOX News' fact check was briefer than CNN's, and did catch the timber company point, reviewing it in surprising detail. The Knight Ridder fact check covered another set of points, but also failed to pick up the timber company exchange.

One of Bush's other answers last night blames the military for his decision to invade Iraq with too few troops.

Several pundits and journalists have noticed that even if he was more controlled than at the last debate, Bush still has anger management issues.

And in an example that proves we don't have a liberal media, Sinclair Broadcasting has ordered all its affiliates to run an anti-Kerry movie just before the election. If you're concerned about this, letters to Sinclair, newspaper editors, and news stations will help raise awareness of this and hopefully pressure Sinclair to pull back.

Now if you need your own blood pressure lowered after wading through all that, a regular Kos diarist has a solid, but sunny, post-debate scorecard. Another draws our attention to a good article on Kerry's international policy positions.


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