Monday, October 4

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Bumper Sticker - John Kerry for President: These Colors Don't Run.

Atrios: FOX News falls for a Republican satire group called Communists for Kerry, including their comments in a news story as though they were a legitimate Democratic citizen group. We also get a link to a Talking Points Memo story about a fake FOX News story with made up Kerry quotes that was written by FOX Kerry campaign correspondent Carl Cameron and posted to their website 'accidentally.' If it was any other news organization, half the media would be calling for heads to roll by now, but I guess no one expects any better of the station that hired Geraldo Rivera as a war correspondent.

BusyBusyBusy has made an art out of the 'shorter' format. Go here for summaries like the shorter version of Max Boot: "Kerry would negotiate with Iran and North Korea - which is tantamount to appeasement - abandoning Bush's highly effective policy of sporadic verbal bellicosity."

BoingBoing points to the corrected version of the story where ultra-conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia takes a surprising stand on orgies. I don't know about you, but the very thought gives me chills.

No one would ever guess it, but when Cheney was at the helm of Halliburton, the company paid bribes to get Nigerian oil contracts. Also, if Cheney had his way during the 1990's, he would have lifted sanctions on rogue regimes. A case could be made that we should negotiate with some of these countries, but it's more interesting for the hypocritical contrast with his current positions.

Bev Harris of BlackBoxVoting writes about another gaping Diebold security hole in their paperless voting machines.

George Bush's resignation from the National Guard.

Porter Goss was recently confirmed as the new head of the CIA, and promised to be the very soul on nonpartisanship. Then for his first appointments, he hires a former oil executive to join him at the CIA, and the rest of his first picks are Republican Hill staffers.

Vladimir Putin has signed the Kyoto Protocol, bringing the treaty into full force around the world. America and Australia will be excluded from the global market on emissions tradings and ensuing negotiations unless the two countries become signatories.

Get educated about poll results, and read why the media may be underestimating Kerry's performance.

Tom Paine has some policy wonks sit down and give us an educated post-debate wrap up.

The New York Times has a lengthy expose on how the How The White House Embraced Disputed Arms Intelligence. I guess it's better that they start doing their job late rather than never, but this is the kind of thing they should have thought about running before we started dropping bombs.

Liberal Oasis reviews the Sunday talk shows, noting that the New York Times piece linked above completely derailed the Bush campaign's attempts to spin Kerry's debate performance into anything other than a win.

War and Piece: Bob Novak leaks the name of yet another intelligence community member.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a quick reminder that FADI (father's against death in Iraq) has endorsed John Kerry for president.

If our sons are going to be drafted to clean up this mess in Iraq, and we are going to send our sons over to Iraq to die for a cause, it is clear that John Kerry would be the better person to have in charge of those number of body bags which would ultimately be sent back.

John Kerry has proven, by his stand against the Viet Nam folly, that he will do what is best for the american people, when confronted with such a debacle as Iraq.

I am also confident, he will do a much better job against the other two axis of evil partners, Iran and North Korea.

I cannot say the same for George Bush II, though I have no beef whatsoever with his father, and the contribution his father made to american society.

4:35 PM  
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