Saturday, September 18

An interview with Barb de Michele (D-5th District)

This interview was recorded on September 15th, with Barbara de Michele.
Kayne: Good evening, this is the third in a three-part series of interviews with the Democratic candidates in the Fifth Legislative District. Tonight, I'll be speaking with Barbara de Michele who is running for the House of Representatives. Good evening, Barbara.

Barb: Hi, how are you?

Kayne: I'm doing really well. How are you feeling the day after the primary?

Barb: I'm very excited of course by the returns, and by the fact that more people in the Fifth District chose to take a Democratic ballot then chose to take a Republican ballot, and I think that it shows exactly what we've been saying since well over a year ago, when we first decided to look into running and that is that the Fifth District is definitely trending Democratic and in fact may be Democratic based on these returns. So we're really excited.

Kayne: The latest returns as of 4 p.m this afternoon put you 382 votes ahead of the incumbent, Glenn Anderson. Do you think that's going to the margin that will carry through to the general election, or would you expect it to change a lot?

Barb: A lot of people who I think are going to vote for me, probably chose to take a Republican ballot. So very frankly, I think I am going to do better than that.

Kayne: So you think there was some strategic voting?

Barb: Well, I think that my issues are schools and transportation, and in many ways those are bipartisan issues, and after eight years on the Issaquah school board, I know people who are Republicans but know that I did an excellent job on the school board. I have a number of supporters who know that I have a really good strong background in transportation and I know that they are Republicans. So I think that I am going to have some crossover voters in the general election that I didn't get this time. So I actually think it's going to improve the next time around.

Kayne: I did a little looking for your biography on the new web site, and that's definitely improved - and it says that you were in the Issaquah school district. You were on the school board right?

Barb: Right.

Kayne: Now you served on there during one of the most contentious strikes in recent history, and my first question to you is, what are you going to take away from that experience, now that you've sat through something that's just that bitter?

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