Thursday, September 16

Primary Results

The primaries have come and gone, and we'd like to thank everyone who had the courage to run for office, as well as everyone who participated. There was a lively and spirited debate this year over many issues that are important to our state, and this primary should not be the end of that discussion.

Here are the official state election results. They're not certified as of this posting, but are unlikely to show any reversals at this point. Congratulations to our Democratic candidates, we expect you to make us proud.

If you supported a candidate whose issues you really believed in, but didn't win their primary, please continue to raise that issue during and after the general election. There are too many important concerns on the table to wait around hoping that someone else will address them. Write your representatives, send letters to the editor, make calls, talk to your friends and listen to their concerns, register voters, walk your precinct, anything. If you're unsure where to start, the main King County Democrats page can hook you up with your local party chair or you could offer to help a campaign, and I guarantee they'll be happy to hear from a willing volunteer.

Of course, if you're able, please contribute to our Democratic candidates for Congress. But even a $2000 check can't man a phone or knock on a door, so whatever you can do, remember that your time is extremely valuable to our get out the vote efforts.

This is an important election year, and every effort counts.


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