Friday, October 8

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Hey there, long-suffering readers. I'm pleased to bring you a collection of fine links rounded up over the week. This weekend, I'll be putting up my take on the 8th Congressional District candidate's debate held this past Tuesday. Also, next week will probably have a more regular posting schedule, so stop by and say hello.

Jack Pine Savage tells us what to listen for when we're watching the debate tonight.

Wampum looks at the dismal job numbers, noting that discouraged workers are up, manufacturing jobs are down, and the government payroll has increased. Exactly the kind of result Republicans always predict Democratic economic policies will lead to.

Atrios points out that polls now have voters finding Kerry more likeable by a double-digit lead.

Charles Kuffner rounds up all the latest news about the DeLay ethics investigation. The charges that have been leveled at his top level aides and corporate donors could spell the Majority Leader's downfall, and the Congressional Ethics Committee has decided to defer a finding until they hear from the Texas prosecutor conducting the investigation.

Digby says that Dick Cheney is now implicating himself in Hussein's schemes without realizing it. I disagree though, I think they're just so used to no one noticing their contradictions and cover-ups that they think they can say anything. And pretty much, that's the case.

War and Piece tells us that a Wall Street Journal Iraq correspondent has been suspended until after the elections for writing a letter about the conditions in Baghdad.

Warblogging reminds readers that after Bush told everyone that they shouldn't forget Poland when speaking about Iraq, Poland now wants out.

Daily Kos: Cheney's attack on Edwards revealed to be wholly without merit. For those keeping score at home, the women of Afghanistan are far from free, and they aren't getting any help from the White House.

George W. Bush has been a secretive president, reluctant to hold press conferences, and shielded from townhall questions by non-supporters. It may cost him the election, as his debate performance of last week indicated.

Feministing writes that 30 states can make abortion illegal within a year of a Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Also, a profile of the African environmentalist who won the Nobel Peace Prize.


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