Thursday, July 15

Primary Post Mortem

Joe Trippi has posted the introduction to The Revolution Will Not Be Televised on his site. The money quote, though I think it might also apply to Republican Barry Goldwater:

An amazing thing happened in the presidential contest of 2004: For the first time in my life, maybe the first time in history, a candidate lost but his campaign won.

U.S. News and World Report as a seven part series on how Kerry turned his campaign around and won with a well-run field organization when everyone had written him off.

There's the political operative who stepped in to make the fixes.

How the Dean campaign tripped.

The native Iowa political machine that turned out the vote for Kerry in several crucial Iowa counties.

How the Kerry campaign worked for the support of Iowa's Governor, Tom Vilsack.

Why the Perfect Storm didn't work.

Finally, gaffes, gaffes, and more gaffes vs. a steady hand.


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