Sunday, August 22

Keep Washington Blue

You'll notice a new sidebar section entitled Contribute. There's a link to a page where you can donate to any or all of the state Congressional and Senate races, as well as links to the state legislature committees, the county and state parties, and the national campaign committees.

It's crunch time. There are less than 3 months to go before the election. Send $5, send $20, send whatever you can. It counts. Even when you can't give much, you send a message of support to the party or candidate.

Most importantly, though, you take another step towards taking politics back. To paraphrase Howard Dean, real campaign finance reform comes in the shape of a lot of small donations. It means that the public is taking its government in its own hands, demanding to be heard.

If you can't give cash, look into volunteering with a local campaign. Walk precincts for a congressional or state legislature race, phone bank for the Murray campaign, stuff envelopes, or put up signs. Don't neglect volunteering with the downticket races, because a vote for a Democrat in a local office has a decent chance of turning into a vote for John Kerry. Plus, to have good national candidates tomorrow we have to support local officeholders today.

If you can't do that, talk to that friend of yours who never thought it was worth it to vote and tell them why it matters. You don't need to push, just get them hooked on paying attention to the funky soap opera that is US politics. It's the best show out there, even if the cast is a bit large.

If none of that appeals, find your own way to contribute, and remember to vote come election time.

Update: In the comments, Mark reminds me that another great way to get involved is to become a precinct committee officer (PCO) for your precinct. Even if your precinct already has one, you might look into being an acting PCO for a neighboring precinct that's going without.


Blogger Carl said...

And I'd add letters to the editor. They might not get published, but they let the media know we're out there. It takes maybe 10 minutes to crank out a great letter about something you feel passionate about. Cooper's campaign has a wonderful resource for letter writing anywhere in the state.

9:11 PM  
Blogger Mark Perry said...

Great post! keep up the good work.
Also lets encourage people to become PCO's and take ownership of their democracy.

11:07 PM  

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