Tuesday, August 10

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First Draft notes that Kerry intends to revise the 1872 mining law that requires the government to sell public lands with valuable resources on them for the price of $5.00 an acre.

The Sideshow highlights another dirty trick to remove liberal voters from the rolls, which is probably the best argument I've ever heard for not registering by party, and shares some interesting links on everything from prison privatization to Alan Keyes.

The editor of a Lebanese paper decries the attitude of helplessness that he sees as a contributing factor in the Middle East's ongoing silence in the face of the Sudanese genocide.

A Middle Eastern paper alleges that the president of Iran has received a letter from the US discussing the possibility of cooperation.

King County's excellent financial management is reflected in a recent bond sale based on an AA+ credit rating, which along with the cities of Bellevue and Seattle is higher than the credit rating of other Washington State governments.

This Modern World takes another look at the influence of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

DailyKos: Louisiana Rep. Rodney Alexander's entire DC staff resigned in protest over his last minute switch to the Republican party, which occurred too late for Democrats to field a candidate in his district. It comes to our attention that a standard line in Bush's stump speech declares that there's no point taxing the rich very much because they dodge taxes anyway.

Alas, A Blog brings us a bunch of links discussing same-sex marriage, points to commentary on the subject of what some call judicial tyranny, a case of legal action against a man who ran a sham abortion clinic, and how the Catholic vote breaks down.

Mikhaela Reid talks about how Bush's AIDS prevention policy is held hostage to a minority of religious opinion. And I think I'm in fairly stable territory claiming that only a minority of people of faith think it's a good idea to withhold condom education from regions where millions of people are dying from the fast-spreading plague of HIV.

Daily Howler gives us the rundown of an O'Reilly vs. Krugman episode of Meet the Press where the 'tough' Tim Russert sat idly by as O'Reilly name-called, lied, and dodged questions.

Body and Soul on the upcoming Afghan elections, pointing out the new face of torture in Iraq, and suggests that in regards to his environmental record, Obama is as good as his reputation.

Digby talks about how a conservative columnist has essentially called the military liars by calling into question Kerry's entire public record and receipt of prestigious medals, also, how seriously Porter Goss takes the investigative work of the CIA.

Pandagon on the contradiction in Republican arguments that stem cell research is bad, but IVF discards are fine.

Atrios finds a link explaining why a national sales tax is a very, very bad idea.


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