Thursday, November 11

News & Comment

Kevin Drum takes a look at inevitability of Congressional incumbency and proposed an end to gerrymandering.

Digby has two must-read posts on the nature of the culture wars.

In case you've been hesitant to follow the Fallujah story that closely, Body and Soul brings us the unpleasant details. Matt Yglesias brings us a summary of the fight in Fallujah: "Boy -- guerilla force flees rather than stand and be slaughtered by better-armed foe. Who could have predicted that except every goddamn person on the face of the earth."

At Daily Kos, Pericles gives us all a Terrorist 101 quiz. It doesn't hurt to be reminded that triangulation is the policy of the establishment, whereas to a radical, the obvious enemy does double duty as best friend. Also, Kos shares a briefing on the diverse Latino voting picture, and they give the 2004 Democratic coordinated campaign poor marks for complacency.

The Left Coaster on the sad state of journalism, and the problem that poses for democracy.

Liberal Oasis talks about obstructionism and fighting back in a post that highlights the absurdity of Democrats reflexively taking advice from conservatives on how they should conduct themselves. Also, tax simplification

MB at Wampum suggests making the environment a prominent issue, both for coalition building and future campaigns.

The Sideshow talks spiritual strategy, and she has a whole bunch of other good finds that you should scroll down to read.

Dave Pollard talks about why intelligence gathering isn't enough.

In case you've been preoccupied with US and Iraq-related news, the BBC covers the exodus of foreign nationals from the Ivory Coast after the renewed violence. There are links in the sidebars to timelines, more pictures, and other coverage of the developing story.


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