Thursday, December 23

Recount Process - Almost, But Not Quite Over

Danny Westneat, a Seattle Times columnist signed up to work for a day as a ballot counter, and he found the process to be both scrupulous and exacting. He also found human vote counting to be far superior, easily spotting intent in cases where an optical scanner might be confused.

The Kos diary of Switzerblog reported similar experiences, and quashes an urban legend that escaped into the wild about a vote for Christine Rossi (thanks to a commenter for pointing this diary out). But after some time spent in the recount process, the Switzerati wants to end electronic voting, unless the vote machines are used to more precisely print out voter choices so that intent is clear.

But Seattle Times editorialist Joni Balter uses the recount to point out the divide in our state between King County and everywhere else. She notes correctly that the harsh and heated rhetoric over the recount only makes things worse, even though other county auditors would (and in some cases did) generally handle a recount just as King County is doing now. But she brings up some broader issues about the Seattle area's relationship with the rest of the state that should be addressed.

I'll give the last word to Christine Gregoire, who correctly speaks from an understanding that nobody really knows what's in those sealed ballot envelopes, except the final word on the will of our state's voters:

..."It is too early to declare victory," she said. "I hope tomorrow night we'll have the next governor of the great state of Washington."

Gregoire did not urge Rossi to concede. "I leave the decision about conceding to Mr. Rossi," she said. "I've been called on many times to concede. I've said when the manual recount is done, I will stand by the results." ...


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