Saturday, November 20

Help The Recount

As we get set for a machine recount of the votes for the governor's race, the Washington State Democratic Party sent out a message to supporters:

...With only 261 votes separating Chris Gregoire and Dino Rossi out of 2.9 million cast, our race is at a tie. For that reason, every action we take is of vital importance.

...Many of you reported problems with voting machines in your precinct on Election Day. In a few instances we have received reports of ballot counting machines breaking down. We must make sure that these votes are accurately recorded.

We have reports of precincts that have reported more votes than the precinct has registered voters.

In King County, three precincts checked their machine counts against manual counts. Where voters had checked their candidate instead of filling out the oval, the machine count failed to count their vote.

The data we are collecting from auditors includes typos, and other incorrect or missing information. In each instance we need to track down the source of the problem. They could represent simple mistakes in reporting or worse, they could represent uncounted votes.

With problems such as these, the likelihood that we will need a manual recount is growing.

You have been very generous already, but we still need your help. In order to request a manual recount, counties must be paid up front...

Click here to contribute towards a hand recount, and email to report any concerns or problems.


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