Wednesday, January 5

Recount Review

David Neiwert of Orcinus is back from holiday break with a detailed review of the governor's race. Partial excerpt:

...Let's be clear: At every step of the process, the Democrats followed the letter of Washington law. The state's election statutes are very clear that there are three potential counts of the vote: If, after the general-election tally, a race remains within 1 percent of the total vote, a machine recount occurs automatically. If, after that count, one of the candidates requests it, a manual recount of all ballots occurs. The candidate, however, has to put up a deposit for the costs of the recount, which is reimbursed if the challenge is successful.

Those are the rules. And the most important one is this: Whoever comes out ahead in the final, manual tally is the winner. Period.

And, indeed, Gregoire promised to accept the outcome of the manual recount, even if Rossi won by only a single vote. Rossi, however, refused to match her pledge. That, of course, was the giveaway to what followed.

...Washington Republicans pretty early on resurrected the phony memes of the Florida debacle, particularly those that favored maintaining the original vote outcome giving Rossi the slender victory. This included the outrageous claim that machine recounts are "more accurate" than hand recounts, which turns all established precedents regarding vote counts on its head.

The anti-democratic nature of the party, though, really came to the surface when election officials in King County -- home to more than a third of the state's entire votes -- announced the discovery of several hundred ballots that had been improperly disallowed in the first count.

Now, this is the kind of clear mistake that manual recounts are intended to correct, and ordinarily it would be considered uncontroversial for them to be included in the recounts. Indeed, similar mistakes were uncovered in other counties and the votes, logically, counted.

But King County was one of the few places where the votes trended Gregoire's way, so Republicans -- playing the same kind of cherry-picking tactics they had earlier accused Democrats of using -- decided to contest the counting of those ballots in that county only, by filing a suit to prevent it. So much for having faith in the voters, not lawyers.

What was especially noteworthy was that all of the discoveries of mistakes in King County were mistakes that heavily favored Rossi. That is, what they actually signalled was the possibility that Republican operatives within the elections office had made "mistakes" that gave Rossi an illegitimate win and let him claim an initial victory. But using the reverse offense tactics that became famous in Florida, Republicans took to the airwaves charging that the discovery of these mistakes could only be explained by fraud or incompetence on the part of Democrats. ...

The post continues on to explain the so-called 'phantom votes' which the Republicans haven't even looked for in counties that favored Rossi.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should not be so quick to just blame republicans for wanting a revote. Lots of us Democrats want one too. We want to know that whom ever we voted for is legit. NOT illegit
SO you should be endorsing a revote based on all the voter discontent out there instead of burying you heads in victory. Listen to the people! Open you eyes.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Open YOUR eyes. The people voted. The answers were counted three times. There was a winner declared. Stop whinging and move on.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why haven't I read or heard anything about the incompetence of the King County elections supervisor and office. He and most of the people there should be fired, no question about it. I also understand this position is appointed. How do they get appointed? It's an elected position in my county. King County Democrats should be ashamed and embarassed. Clean up your ship!

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just the idea that King County had 1800+ more votes cast than registered voters or sign in voters should be enough to start asking tough questions.
At this point, the voters in Washington state deserve clear and honest answers.
You too would be suspicious in a race this close if the election officials could not explain that 1800+ discrepancy.

9:48 AM  
Blogger JCBob said...

I can remember a time when the Democrat Party was the party of good government. If today's Democrat Party was the party of good government, they would be demanding a top to bottom house cleaning of the King County elections department. But today's Democrat party is the party of power at any price.

Please prove me wrong.

JC Bob

1:41 PM  
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After the first betting round is led by the hand puts the flop is three community cards. There is a tradition that the first card from the top of the deck is "burned" or put aside without revealing the next three places in the middle of the table, discovering their value.
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